All in the Research

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Per the blog title, I'm researching about my favorite place in the world...IRELAND! I always get excited when I write about the Irish, especially those brooding hotties. Except this time, my hero is not so dark...just plain sexy. Of course, it takes place in a pub and includes some juicy scenes that I hope will entertain. But the bottom line is that it's not just about the sex. It's about attraction, the appeal of common interests, and the falling for someone hard even though it's during a short span of time. Hey, I believe that it's possible to fall head over heels for someone in a matter of days and most of my friends have! I don't necessarily believe in love at first sight but it's in engaging with the person that you'll know if there's a spark--that instant connection.

My work in progress is also about music and a few other twists that I hope will engage the reader. Because it's a short story, I have to make every scene count. I have to give just enough to satisfy the reader and that's what scares the heck out of me! Writing single titles allow you to fill the gaps and elaborate on those things that are necessary. In a short, you've got to make sure that you answer all the questions so readers don't feel like they've been screwed. The best part of writing a short is that it challenges you to be precise. It forces you to really think about the project and makes you a better writer, but it's all in the execution.

I'm loving this story more and more....

6 Responses to "All in the Research"

Karen Erickson Says :
12:55 PM

Sounds fun - I love a good sexy hero (Oh who doesn't? LOL). And the giddy excited stage of writing is the BEST. :)

Jax Cassidy Says :
1:59 PM

I need to solve the ADHD issue and I would so much more productive. Wait, let me check the model's image and compare to my story. LOL

Jen Says :
3:33 PM

I love Ireland. Spent a summer there. Didn't fall in love as I was lovesick for my boyfriend who stayed home who just happened to become my husband. Ireland on a broken heart is tough. Luckily, they have lots and lots of Guinness.

Kristen Painter Says :
4:11 PM

Those are great pics. Very evocative! I get lost in research too easily. I have to be careful!

Jax Cassidy Says :
5:57 PM

Sorry to hear that Jen. I'm sure when you got home you had a lot of make up 'missing' to catch up on. Guinness is awesome! I think that my beer tastes have moved on to other lighter beers but I would drink Guinness everyday if I could hop a plane to Ireland tomorrow!

K--I always get lost in research. Then I get pissed off because I wasted time when I should have written more!

Jeannie Lin Says :
7:15 AM

Wow, looking forward to this one! I'm always amazed at how much depth writers put into a short. When done well, it really is the ultimate form of storytelling, in my opinion.

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