Happy Birthday Abigail!

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Don't ask me to sing, you won't get it out of me...but I did want to wish my dearest buddy Abigail McKenley a Happy Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day celebrating and enjoying the company, food, wine, and desserts! Wish I were there to celebrate with you!!!! **Big Hug & Kiss**

Onto other news, the Irish story is lovely. I am SO mad for the hero! I won't lie...I've been soul searching, but you all know that. I was feeling down about my writing and now that I've forced myself back into the zone...I realized that 'I still got it!' Hard to believe how much pressure an author can put on themselves when they've heard disappointing news or things aren't going according to plan...but, hey, we're all human and we go through those phases even if we are positive individuals. I don't think it's a sign of weakness...contrary, I think it's a sign of resilience and bravery to keep pushing forward. I just think of all my friends who have been in my spot time after time and where they are now..it proves that being strong will get me there.

Happy Friday folks! Hope everyone has an amazing weekend. I know that I'll be even more cheerful after I see WOLVERINE...Hugh Jackman has a way with putting a smile on my face....

Now, if I could just get off twitter and facebook today, I would be much more productive....these online addictions are getting ridiculous...I shall have to make a stand...

Now, go write already!

2 Responses to "Happy Birthday Abigail!"

Abigail McKenley Says :
12:31 PM

What a nice surprise! Thanks so much Jax. I miss you sooooooo much. Give Mr. Right a big hug for me too.

The Irish story sounds fantastic, I can't wait to read it.

Have a great time at the movies!

Dara Edmondson Says :
6:31 PM

Happy birthday to Abi!
Glad you've rediscovered your mojo! Most of my writer friends are some of the most resilient people I know. I have those ups and downs, too. Digging deeper can be tough, but you pulled yourself out - WTG!

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