Dum-dum-dum...the Dreaded Synopsis

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Of course I would have to find the most boring image for this topic.

To me, writing a synopsis is like pulling my toenails out, one by one. Believe me, I've lost a toenail before and it ain't good...after days of groaning and griping, I asked a few of my friends for advice. Wouldn't you know it, I got so much support and help so now I'm well on my way to finishing up the sucker. Once I got started I was amazed to discover that everything just clicked and flowed smoother than expected. I'm going to need a tight editing on it but otherwise, I'm halfway done.

I am not going to get any real writing done until tomorrow because I just found out my siblings are in town visiting. Looks like I'll be tagging along as they tour the city. It's going to be good to see family because it's been well over 5 months so it's just time. Hopefully this will involve lots of shopping and eating. Being almost the youngest, I sometimes love that role :) Who doesn't love being the pampered younger sis?

Just a reminder, on Monday is Excerpt Monday and I'm going to have a never before published snippet of RALEIGN IN RIO from the SUNSWEPT anthology for Phaze Publishing. Hope you'll come back for a read!

2 Responses to "Dum-dum-dum...the Dreaded Synopsis"

Kristen Painter Says :
7:27 AM

I'm glad the synopsis is working out. And as I'm the oldest, I wouldn't know about the younger, pampered thing...

Jax Cassidy Says :
4:26 PM

I know why they call it a 'sucknopsis'. I'm still plugging at it but man, it is so draining! Thanks for your help!!!!

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