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I just finished reading The Mistress of Trevelyan by Jennifer St. Giles and it has truly inspired me. I'm not a big fan of historicals but Jenni knows her stuff! No wonder she's an award winning author... with the Daphne Du Maurier and the Golden Heart under her belt-- I can say she really deserved those wins! This book is chalked full of heart-wrenching drama, intense suspense, sexy characters and love scenes, beautifully written descriptions and dialogue.... I could gush on about it, but I'd rather hope you guys would go out and purchase it. I could say I rarely cry to a book and this one really was that good! It's true, when you read something that can make you turned on to more of the same genre, it says a lot. I'm already looking forward to her second book based on one of the characters in this one. I think I'll go write now.

Here is the blurb on this release:

Pocket ISBN: 0-7434-8625-0
August 2004 Gothic Historical Romance

What secrets lie beyond the mists that shroud Trevelyan Manor and the death of its first mistress. Some whisper of madness and others of murder. In 1873 San Francisco, spirited Ann Lovell disturbs the dark shadows surrounding Benedict Trevelyan, putting the lives of everyone around her in danger when she takes a position no one else dares—as governess to the motherless sons of the enigmatic Benedict Trevelyan. As Ann grows to cherish her young charges, she finds herself powerfully drawn to the handsome Benedict, whose passionate persuasion introduces her to a new world of sensual pleasures. But even while falling in love with the master of Trevelyan, Ann wonders if his attentions are intended to blind her to the secrets of the past. Will her passion for him be the key to her destiny or to her destruction?

5 Responses to "Blatant Endorsement :: Mistress of Trevelyan"

Nonny Says :
11:38 PM

OK, there's another book on the Wishlist ... :P

jax Says :
12:08 AM

Thanks Nonny for reading my long winded praises. You're a doll. :)

Lynn Says :
1:09 PM

Jax...I totally agree about this book. Jennifer is a member of GRW, and I picked up the book after one of our meetings. Made me wish I could write historicals!

jax Says :
6:23 PM

Me too! I loved the book and I normally like paranormal, contemporary, or chick lit.. because Jenni's a friend I had to call her up and told her she made me cry.

Eva Gale Says :
6:35 PM

OHHHHH!!!~ I will order this NOW! I've been so freakin disappointed in the historicals I've read lately. My first love is historicals and a good one is like finding a rare gem. I'm positively giddy with anticipation! Thanks!

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