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Haven't sketched anything for a long time..this was fun to do in Illustrator as a warm up exercise. I'm going to be doing a series of "Women and Sensuality" themed art pieces to hopefully have a gallery showing. I'm trying a new medium on wood panels and I'm estatic about it. Can't wait to start working on it. I'm going to take my time and try to produce a unique change in my usual style...

3 Responses to "Doodling..."

Kristen Painter Says :
9:10 AM

I am SO hot.

jax Says :
9:34 AM

Ahem, I think I'm going in to do some tweaks and make her a brunette. That way, it's me! :)

Okay,'s I need to do other sensual vixens for my gallery series! Naughty Fairy Eden, Drill Sergeant Eva, Fiesty the Sexpot, & Girl Next Door Gemma! LOL

Kate Willoughby Says :
7:23 PM

I love that drawing. Can I have one pretty please?

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